Quebec In Florida is exactly that ! A site catering for and serving the Quebecers that visit or live in Florida.  Every year, about 800,000 “snow birds” from Quebec  visit Florida, the majority of which are French Canadians. The site’s main objective is to offer them, in a user friendly environment,  all the items or services that local businesses provide in French as well as English. Whether you are buying a car, renting your house, looking for a babysitter, seeking that job, or just finding a friend, this site is the place for you. While you post your ad in the English section of the site, a French user can see it in the French side of the site and in the language of their choice.

This is not one of those huge classified and advertising enterprises. Our main objective is to offer Floridians a place to advertise, free of charge (with a few exceptions), whatever they have to offer to this demographic group.


We hope you'll find Quebec In Florida as easy to use as sending an email, but probably more fun. Head to the city of your choice, and "Post An Ad" to give it a shot. There's something in the closet you've been meaning to get rid of that you can have online in minutes, and your ad is absolutely free to post (with a few exceptions). If you're looking for that extra edge, put up pictures to go along with the text. Take a minute to read the terms of use, conveniently linked all over the site to make sure you're playing by the rules, and everything should be fine We have also gone to extreme measures to make this site to be as safe and secure as it possibly can be. That’s why please read our terms of use and make sure to use the flagging system to tell us about any problems or offensive content so that together we can keep the site working properly and also make sure to report any abuse to


Quebec In Florida is your local community classified site, it is an environmentally friendly way to make connections with people who live in your area or across the state without leaving the comfort of your chair. We work hard to make sure Quebec In Florida is as easy to use as possible, but if you ever have any trouble posting or browsing one of our listings (or cities !), please contact our Support team,(  who will be more than happy to help.