Updated Travel Advisories for Canadian Travelers

Follows the list of Country Advice and Advisories For Canadian Travelers, if changed in the last 24 hours

Fishing regulations in Florida

Non residents who are 16 years of age or older are required to have Florida hunting, freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing licenses and permits except as listed below. Out-of-state fishing and hunting licenses are not valid in Florida...

122 days or more in USA? Form. 8840

When you ask someone about how long can they stay in the USA each year, many people will tell you : 183 days. In a sense, that is true, because the laws permit you to stay that much as an Alien individual, ( Non-resident person). But in reality,

Have a Bank Account in USA? You need form W8-BEN

Canadian banks are required to withhold 30% (the maximum income tax rate) of any bank interest they pay to foreigners on their Canadian bank accounts because non-Canadians rarely receive T5 slips and complete a Canadian income tax return.Non-Canadians must, in turn, complete a Canadian income tax return...

Real Estate Gift tax

While it is possible to donate property in Canada without any tax consequences, it is quite a different affair for Canadians in the United States. Thus, it is important for Canadians holding assets in the U.S. to be informed about the rules underlying the donation, without which the noble intention of offering...

Travel Health and safety

Travel Health
International travellers should always be extra concerned about their health and safety, because every region and country around the world has its own risks,customs and level of health care. Here is essential information on travel health risks and preventive measures...

FRAUD while travelling : MUST READ !!

Although most Canadians are now aware of fraud attempts carried out by companies or individuals in foreign countries, especially in Africa, many Canadians are still victimized and cheated out of merchandise, services and money...

Why should you register your travel with Foreign Affairs Canada

Travel affair
Registration of Canadians Abroad is a free service offered by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada that keeps you connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad, such as an earthquake or civil unrest, or an emergency at home...

Driving in Florida with a Quebec issued Driving license

Driving Florida
On January 1, 2013, an amendment to Florida statutes went into effect that required visitors from outside the United States to possess an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to their original driver’s licence in order to operate a motor vehicle in the State...

Travel health and safety - Receiving medical care in other countries

Health Florida
Travellers from Canada may access medical care in other countries for different reasons. They may require medical care due to a medical emergency, such as an injury or illness. Injuries are the most common cause of disability and death in travellers. They may also travel...

Canadians Selling Property In Florida

Canadians Selling
All non-residents in USA are subject to U.S. income taxes if they dispose of U.S. real estate property. If any of the following pertains to your situation, we suggest you consult with a fiscalist or an accountant who knows the tax rules on both sides of the border...

Real Estate broker Vs. Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate agent Source : Free digital photos
Many people think they can sell their home directly without intermediary, then eventually return to a real estate broker, or a real estate agent. Why do you think that is? In short because Brokers and/or agents have the right expertise to price their home...


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